Design a life you love: Business education for passionate creatives.

Design a life you love: Business education & support for passionate creatives.

Dream clients. Financial freedom.
Life on YOUR terms.

Dream clients. Financial freedom. Life on YOUR terms.

Hello, we are Kris & Donna—designers, educators and mentors. We are your guides to  building a successful graphic design business.

Whether you are a solopreneur, have a team, have been in business for 5 minutes or 15+ years, we can help you.

Our super power is being able to identify the gaps in your business that are preventing you from experiencing real success—on repeat.

It’s absolutely possible, right now, to become exactly the kind of business owner you always dreamed of being—producing work that inspires you, empowers you, lights you up...and makes you money.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, the right systems, and the know-how to steer around the roadblocks, you can grow your business into precisely the creative, exciting, dynamic enterprise you always wanted it to be. We’re here to teach you how.

Work with us via tailored, 1:1 Coaching or join our 12 week comprehensive business course—The Academy.

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We help brand, web and graphic design bosses who want to get off the roller coaster and have a predictable, profitable business.

Looking to build confidence and handle clients with ease? Head to our design business resources shop and discover all the goodness. 

Listen to the Design & Prosper podcast, where Kris and Donna chat all things graphic design business. We’ve got so many tips and tricks to guide and support you.

Confused about pricing your work or how to respond to tricky clients? Head to our freebies page because we have some awesome FREE resources for you!



We’ve got the resources, experience and supportive creative community to help you hit the ground running with your graphic design business. You don’t need to feel lost. You are not alone in this.

The Design & Prosper Academy is THE business course for graphic designers. Receive comprehensive resources, strategy + community!


You feel like you’re a hamster in a wheel, working so hard but not getting anywhere

You’re having trouble getting consistent leads or attracting the clients you want to work with

You’re having client problems on repeat and they are driving you crazy

You have big dreams, but you're not reaching your money or lifestyle goals

You feel overwhelmed by your business and almost ready to give up and just go and get a job somewhere

When working with us 1:1 we’ll hold your hand AND hold you accountable to reach your goals. 

You’re in the right place if you feel the following:

You know there has to be a better way to do this but you just don’t know where to begin

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How to price your design projects


Pricing can feel so hard, right? We’ve broken down the steps for you in this helpful pricing guide for graphic designers.

Client changes suck scripts


We’ve got you covered with  helpful scripts to use when tricky clients ask for changes. Now you'll know exactly what to say!

Want free resources & training? Check out these design business goodies.

Client portal template


This free template will help you deliver a headache-free project management experience for your clients with ease.

Uplevel your business with the Design & Prosper Podcast

EP 21 // 10 ways designers can make more!

EP 35 // Done is better than perfect: the mantra every design studio needs

EP 37 // Ditch the Dirty F WorD in your design business

Tune in to our regular chats where we unpack all kinds of ways to help you thrive in your design business.

Tune in to our regular conversations where we unpack all kinds of ways to help you thrive in your design business.

Looking to gain traction right now?

“Nicely Said”
Client Script Kit


$100 USD

We’ve got 40 scripts so you’ll know exactly what to say when clients throw tricky problems your way.

Creating Original 
Logo Concepts


$100 USD

Uplevel your logo concept process (and your confidence!) with this jam-packed design skills training.

Get Clients NOW

In this training series Kris & Donna will teach you the foolproof promotional technique to get clients (and dollars!) in the door—fast. 


$297 USD

“Working with Kris & Donna as design business mentors has been the single most  beneficial investment I’ve made for my business over the last 20 years...”

Sara Bowers, Graphic Designer and business owner | Studio 8

I was struggling with overwhelm, working too hard and not feeling as though I could get my head above water. I also lacked the confidence to be charging what I was worth. In the most nurturing and holistic way, they helped me through a complete re-work of my business strategies and systems and a whole new re-brand and vision for Studio 8.

It was a lot of intense work, but so so well worth it. Thank you a million Kris and Donna! You’ve helped transform my business to something that I am so proud of. I know my mentoring relationship will continue and I am so thrilled to see even more progress.