Eliminate Overwhelm. Create Abundance. Experience Freedom.

Eliminate Overwhelm. 
Create Abundance. Experience Freedom.

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66 // Nasty clients—tears, confusion and moving on


Welcome to episode 66, where we discuss what to do when you have a real ass-hat of a client. Ever had a client who was a nasty piece of work? Call them what you like—ass-hat, a**hole, jerk (insert your go-to descriptor)! The way their behaviour can make you feel is all the same! Damn awful!! […]

February 17, 2023

63 // Smash imposter syndrome in your graphic design business

Feeling like a fraud running a graphic design business? You are not alone. Imposter syndrome…it’s not just you. Everyone has it. Is the voice in your head saying: “Are you crazy? Who are you to be running a design business! You’re not creative enough, you’re not clever enough, you don’t have enough experience, you’re so […]

December 9, 2022

I have no time to work 'on' my design business!

62 // I don’t have time to work ‘on’ my graphic design business.


Every so often we notice a theme that is on repeat within our beautiful graphic design community. Right now what we’re seeing is an energy of ‘stuckness’…like a plane on a runway that never quite takes off. We’re hearing things like: “I feel like I’m not progressing” “I’m in a rut” “I’m not moving forward […]

November 29, 2022

61 // Graphic Design Pricing — what to do when clients can’t afford you.

Ever had a client who wants to work with you, but you’re out of their price range? You’re part way through a discovery call with a potential new client. It’s all going so well—you can see such a vision for their business and they really do seem like a dream client. It’s a mutual admiration […]

July 28, 2022


How to price your design projects


Pricing can feel so hard, right? We’ve broken down the steps for you in this helpful pricing guide for graphic designers.

Client changes suck scripts


We’ve got you covered with  helpful scripts to use when tricky clients ask for changes. Now you'll know exactly what to say!

Want free resources? Check out these design business goodies.

Want free resources? Check out these design business goodies.

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